Any time you even think about renovating the house, there is one question that troubles you the most: how much will I spend? Whether we like it or not, the budget is one of the most important aspects of any renovation project. So, if you want all your dreams to come true and enjoy the most comfortable furniture in your home, all you have to do is learn more aboutStressless furniture specials! Buyyour first Ekornes chair today and step into the future with this fantastic line of furniture!

Interested in renovating your house? Looking for high quality bedroom furniture? Or maybe an Ekornes chair for your home office? Then, it’s time to learn all about the amazing Stressless furniture specials! As it turns out, the experts from Ekornes have prepared great discounts and promotions for two of their most important lines of products: Stressless Sofas as well as for Ekornes Furniture.

Basically, Stressless furniture specials include discounts of 20% all year long. Yes, you have heard correctly: any product can be purchased at a lower price than its regular price. For instance, at the moment, there is the possibility to donate $50 and enjoy discounts of up to $400 for selected pieces of furniture. As for costs with shipping, there is nothing to be worried about: white glove delivery is included in the final price!

So, how can you benefit from these discounts? Well, all you have to do is access their site and  research their selection of products. However, keep in mind that you cannot place any order unless you are logged into your account. In other words, you cannot purchase your first Ekornes chair for the office unless you register as an official member on their site (it’s free).

Once the registration is completed, all there is left to do is browse their main categories of products and make a short list. Of course, you should add only those products you like best. For example, when you purchase an Ekornes chair it is mandatory to choose the color and the model before placing the order. Specify also if you prefer white gloves delivery.

In other words, if you want to fully benefit with a $200 discount, it is time to enter their site, donate $50 to charity and place your order…it is really very simple. The good news is that the experts from Ekornes will always surprise you with interesting Stressless furniture specials. Actually, for keeping pace with their promotions, all you really have to do is subscribe to their newsletter and stay connected- relaxation will soon follow!

The truth is that it’s good to know that with the Stressless furniture specials you will be able to buy premium furniture without spending a fortune. Seize the moment and order your first Ekornes furniture items today from The Unwind Company!

For further information on premium furniture, please visit the webpage about Stressless furniture specials . Check out the site about the Ekornes chair  if you are interested in learning more about the chairs, the company, the products, current prices and special sales.