Identity theft is one of the nation's fastest growing crimes. The Javelin Strategy & Research 2012 Identity Theft Report released in late February says ID theft reached a new record last year with 12.6 million people being victimized.

LegalShield consultant Dennis Chambliss, who specializes in ID theft protection, offers a few tips for keeping your identity safe from thieves.

1) Shred paperwork.

Shredders are inexpensive. Get one and shred everything with your name on it before you throw it away. Credit card applications? Shred them. Cell phone itemized statements? Shred. Some papers you do need to keep for tax purposes. But when that's done shred it too. Check with an accountant to see how long you need to keep certain documents.

2) Make sure any electronic filing service is registered with the IRS: . Tax ID theft is the biggest part of ID theft these days. Someone files a false tax return. You are cheated out of a refund. You can sometimes get this straightened out but it can take a few years.

3) Avoid email scams.

The Nigerian scammer with millions in a bank account is still around, but they are getting more clever. Now they pretend to be from the FBI or the United Nations and they have money to refund to you. It is a lie. Mr Chambliss said anyone who contacts you and want your bank account information, your credit card number or other personal information is trying to steal your identity.

4) Be proactive.

LegalShield offered by Mr. Chambliss helps protect people from having their identity stolen. "This service both protects you up front and gives you tips on what to do to better protect yourself." He said "If something does happen our law firm steps in with experts to get your problem solved. LegalShield partners with Kroll Inc. the largest risk management firm in the world with over 40 years experience in security and risk mitigation to help restore your identity."

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