Direct deposit software has never been easier to use with the new Do-it-yourself direct deposit via ACH (Automated Clearing House) from Customers that have been clamoring for an easy-to-use and flexible ACH file generator are impressed with the new ezACH deposit software from The latest version has just been released with new feature to support multiple origination accounts with at extra charge.

Updates to this new and innovative software allows customers of small to midsize businesses to process direct deposit file for payroll, government TAX, Vendors bill payment, refund, investment dividends and fund collecting from customers. Other updates included in this newest version include Quick Data Upload feature and the new setup wizard which make this application more user-friendly than ever. EzACH developers are confident that this new option will simplify and speed up the electronic fund transfers for CPAs and businesses with multiple accounts.

"The key benefits of using ACH direct deposit are speed, safety, convenience and environmental-saving. We are confident ezACH deposit software will assist more businesses run more smoothly,” said founder, Dr. Ge.

EzACH application developers believe customers should focus their time and energy on running their businesses, not spending their valuable time figuring out how to run this deposit software. EzACH software was designed with simplicity in mind. Its graphic interface is user-friendly and straightforward. It is ideal for owners of small to mid-sized businesses, and was designed and engineered for ease-of-use by those who have only minimal computer skills. Customers can follow the wizard step by step to set up original account, add clients, set up client account, add transactions and generate the ACH file that they can upload to their bank account.

Using ezACH software is totally risk free. Potential customers can download and try this software for 14 days before purchasing at, with no cost and no obligation.

- ezACH deposit can generate NACHA ACH files for electronic fund transfers

- ezAch Deposit supports multiple bank origination account.

- It supports ARC, CCD, CCD+, POP, PPD, RCK, TEL, WEB SEC type. Easily update ABA Bank routing number database.

- EzACH can save customers time by importing vendors and transactions from files, ezPaycheck payroll software, ezCheckPrinting software and other sources.

- EzACH deposit can support multiple accounts at no extra charge.

No more hassles dealing with the banks. To start this test drive of this direct deposit software, visit

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