Are you planning to visit Exeter soon? This historical capital of Devon has lots to offer its visitors. The city has a long and rich history and is home to some impressive monuments, wonderful traditional architecture and great modern venues. Spending a few days in Exeter, eating out in a traditional pub Exeter and meeting the people here will recharge you batteries and inspire you in all your projects.

Exeter is one of the most interesting and culturally rich towns in the UK. It was the capital of Devon county for a long time and still holds the honorary title of ‘historical capital’ to this day. The city gets its name from the river Exe which crosses this land. According to recent findings, the city is older than 2250 years. Archaeologists that dug areas of the city found coins dating from the Hellenistic period, which means that the settlement has a history that dates back to 250 BC. And indeed, there are many proofs to show the history and longevity of the settlement: Exeter is famous for its Roman ruins, especially the Roman city wall, which was consolidated during medieval times. Although not a very large city — according to the 2011 census, there are around 117,000 inhabitants on this 18.16 square mile area — it is certainly a very interesting city, full of life, attractions, great looking gardens, shopping centers and also cozy and welcoming pubs and traditional restaurants.

Therefore, if you’re planning on visiting Exeter soon, you’ll find lots of things to do in town. If it’s a sunny day, you can take a walk in the beautiful gardens of the city, you can visit ancient Roman ruins or other attractions and monuments and then, in the evening, when you’re tired and fell the need to relax, you can spend a few hours in a pub in Exeter. Eating out in a traditional pub Exeter is the best way to end a day, out of several reasons: first, after a day of visiting, sightseeing and walking, you’ll certainly be hungry, so you can have a delicious meal in a pub in Exeter; second, the atmosphere in any pub in Exeter is very cosy and you’ll always be accompanied by good music! Exeter has lots of interesting pubs decorated in traditional style and serving traditional foods and drinks. It’s also possible to get accommodation at a pub in Exeter; some pubs offer rooms for visitors who want to stay in the centre of town, where all the activity is.

Haven’t got a clue what traditional pub Exetertodine in during your stay? Then you need to do some research on the web. It will only take you a few seconds to find lots of interesting places which are right in the heart of town, near tourist attractions and other places worth visiting. Your stay in Exeter will definitely be one to remember!

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