Mason, Michigan — Digital SEO is revolutionizing search engine optimization (SEO) with its fair and sustainable pricing model. Clients are provided a tiered pricing structure that emphasizes return on investment. This new pricing model substantially mitigates risk for clients.

Nothing is paid until a client’s website ranks in the top 30 search results. The tiered pricing structure contains four levels. Prices are quoted based on an analytical model, keywords and search engine optimization services. Unlike other SEO companies, nothing is charged for Yahoo and Bing search rankings. Clients do not have to pay for SEO services unless ranked on page two of Google or better.

Invoicing is processed at the beginning of every month based on prior month activity. Clients have access to a 24/7 real-time reporting system to monitor search engine rankings. Digital SEO goes the extra mile to provide analytics and relevant reporting for clients to see return on their investment. No other SEO company can match the value proposition Digital SEO offers.

Digital SEO assists clients in reaching their target markets. Market penetration is a key to raising brand awareness, identity and recognition.

Digital SEO helps clients realize higher Internet traffic and ultimately increased sales. Other SEO vendors do not have the expertise or skill of Digital SEO personnel and can’t deliver the same quality service. SEO services greatly enhance market share for clients.

The process for getting started with Digital SEO is simple. Start by providing a URL, keyword and an email address. Expert personnel will then provide a list of services and quote for search engine optimization. This streamlined process makes it easy for clients to receive efficient and effective SEO services.

For additional information on Digital SEO and its revolutionary pricing model, please call (877) 219-9653 or visit . Organic rankings are guaranteed; clients pay nothing until their website ranks in the top 30 search results.

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