Kolkata; 13, May 2015: These days Marketing is best defined by the word digital spread and reach. Content has been a driving force towards growth of any digital spread. We have seen great results achieved in search engines by the use of quality and targeted content. In the coming day’s as well content will rule the world and help in digital growth. As web is growing with more and more page’s it is becoming more and more difficult for digital marketer to manage with the originality of the content. With around 70 trillion pages on web google has entered a new era where they now need technology to store that much data on web. They also need to find a way which will help them find result in this increasing number of pages.

With this growth increasing social interactions also contributing more in the size of data. People are getting more and more connected. They are sharing each other’s content which are then getting hash tagged for further spread of connected content. To manage this huge data spread google is also saying no more two person is getting the same search result. As with connected social content google can now track who is surfing for what and providing them their connected content. This also reducing google’s burden on crawling it entire database every single time. So, in this scenario when we can no more expect to get same result, what we are getting is more a mix of connected set of shared and optimized content.

So, is SEO dead?

We can easily say NO, because search engine’s still needs a reasons to bring url’s in proper order. It can’t avoid it and neither any technology is still devised where we don’t see url’s one after one. They have to give a output where we see url’s one after one. But factors of optimization has changed. They now look for those pages which are responsive. Has unique content in it. Has user reviews with proper on page optimization. Content is large enough with presence of pictorial description to support search engines optimization requirements properly.

Growth of digital marketing replacing hard core SEO, is it true?

Yes it is, what we see now is in large nothing but a mix of social media optimization and search engine optimization. No one can think of optimizing any content by just working on search engines requirements excluding social media. Social media is now not only providing a platform for the general mass to communicate and interact but also it is allowing search engines to crawl and get its required data for each url.

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