14, November 2015: Business expert and strategic consultant Robert Vitelli has been working on an innovative new business model that has recently been Trademarked with the US Patent Office called “DIGITAL FRANCHISING”.

Robert Vitelli

Digital franchising (also known as virtual franchising) is the process of buying and selling Digital businesses.

E-commerce has been around for a number of years but Mr. Vitelli has created a new niche in the market place within the information-marketing arena.

Along with being a national best-selling author Robert has worked as a strategic business consultant helping various small to medium size business owners increase their profits.

Robert primarily has delivered his services through phone consultations, Webinars and Skype as well as occasionally meeting with clients in person. This highly leveraged approach initially gave him the idea of having an entire industry based on digital delivery along with an entire business that could be bought and sold for big profits.

“Digital businesses are the wave of the future” says Vitelli. With more and more companies downsizing and eliminating employees to cut costs the dawn of a new business model in the digital and “virtual arena was bound to happen.

Robert’s new organization the “Business Success Alliance” is a global Association of entrepreneurs who have the exclusive rights to sell and market Digital Business franchises.

The benefits of owning a Digital business are enormous and it is definitely a major niche in the business marketplace today and well into the next decade. With the advent of Digital Currency like “Bitcoin” we are starting to experience a bigger and bigger push in the areas of ease, convenience and speed in business across the board.

Just some of the benefits to owning / running a digital business are:

- Lower Start Up Costs
- Much Larger Profit Margins
- Zero Inventory To Stock
- Easy, Low Cost Delivery Of Products
- Speed & Instant Delivery To Consumer
- Much Lower Overhead & Monthly Expenses
- Lower Employee Costs
- Less Stress In Daily Operations
- Much Less Overall Operations Responsibility

Robert Vitelli

Robert Vitelli is Business Strategist and Success Trainer and is considered to be one of THE “Breakthrough Masters” of our time. …AND he’s even been called the “Guru Whisperer” and the “Teacher of Teachers” training some of the wealthiest and most successful entrepreneurs in the Home Based Business Industry.

Robert is a National Best Selling Author and has written 7 books on the Field of success and achievement. Robert has either worked doing Marketing & promotions FOR. OR worked personally WITH some of the biggest legends in field of Success like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Jim Rohn.

Robert has 27 years experience in Sales, Direct Response Marketing Strategies and Leadership techniques for independent business owners and entrepreneurs.

With his unique approach and methods to creating unprecedented results, Robert has PERSONALLY broken 7 different company sales & profit records in 4 different industries.

Helping more than 11,000 business owners in 17 different countries he is one of the highest paid “Success Advisor’s” in the world today.

With Robert’s extensive background working with a variety of entrepreneurs, he is passionately committed to unleashing the magnificence within his clients. With Robert's proprietary system, he builds on your innate potential and powerfully aligns all of your skills, gifts and PURPOSE with brilliant strategies to accelerate your businesses momentum and success. AND as a result, creates RECORD BREAKING PROFITS & INCOMES.

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