Mention of the word forensic brings to mind criminal investigation. Digital forensics is a branch of forensic science that deals with retrieval of data from any digital device for the purpose of investigation. Recovery of call and message details from mobile phones is dealt in mobile forensics. With bulk information being shared through mobile phones, any crime related to breach of confidentiality can be solved by mobile forensics Hong Kong. Wide use of mobile phones has prompted digital forensics Singapore science to include smartphones and other high-end phones under the purview of cyber crimes. The experts in this field deal with digital and mobile forensic investigations, digital security and electronic discovery.


Civil and criminal cases sometimes need digital information to be gathered for their smooth progress. Quite often it is found that the investigating authorities are not technically skilled to do the job. In such a scenario specialists in digital forensics Singapore will do the needful. Private firms too face issues like unwanted electronic intrusion in their IT system. E-mail hacking is very much on the rise. The nature of cyber crime has vastly changed over years and mobile forensics Hong Kong have geared up to decipher a lot more data from a multitude of sources apart from computers and provide significant clues to the investigation.


Digital forensics is quite a vast field and is subdivided depending on the type of device involved in the crime — computer forensics, mobile forensics, network forensics and so on. Digital forensics Singapore services are appointed to examine evidences related to corporate fraud. Especially before mergers and acquisitions, companies have to be wary about digital information leaking out of their system. The experts can help secure sensitive data. Mobile forensics Hong Kong not only help to track calls made from any mobile phone or device before or after any crime but also trace and retrieve messages sent through e-mails or SMSs. Such findings are considered as strong evidences in the court of law.


Integrity and authenticity of digital evidence is of utmost importance. So, it is vital that you engage experts for digital forensics Singapore who are well conversant with the investigation procedures. Forensic process involves capturing of data, analyzing and making a detailed report based on the evidences collected. Agencies in digital forensic business serve legal firms, financial institutions, government institutions, insurance firms and also the defence establishment. In private business firms you might need the support of mobile forensics Hong Kong prior to finalizing any business deal. This scientific study provides clues on location of suspects and help police to solve criminal cases.


Companies reputed for digital forensics Singapore are competent to carry out forensic investigation on all types of electronic devices. Data is analysed and sorted out for retrieval by professionals who are experienced for decades. Their services include — recovery of data which has been deleted; investigating frauds and misconduct of employees; infringement of intellectual property right leading to copyright misuse; financial irregularity investigation and so on. All these are carried out discreetly with the help of the latest technology. Mobile forensics Hong Kong will ensure that final report is delivered to you with complete authenticity. Secrecy and honesty are the hallmarks in this line of business that are stringently followed.

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