Cosmetic surgery is not anymore new in the ears of many since these procedures are almost done in a daily basis in various medical institutions in Singapore. This has gained so much impact to the public because it has always been a desire by a lot of people to be more beautiful and vibrant looking.

Dr. Zubin Medora is one of the medical practitioners who do cosmetic surgeries effectively. Moreover, he is the Medical Director and Primary Care Doctor of one of the well-known healthcare facility in Singapore, which is the Medora Medical Center for medicine and surgery. “The center has highly experienced cosmetic surgeons who are legally certified by the Ministry of Health in Singapore,” said Dr Medora . Thus the public does not have to be hesitant to avail of the services in the aforementioned healthcare facility.

At today’s time, cosmetic surgeries are divided into two groups: noninvasive and minimally invasive surgeries. Noninvasive cosmetic procedures are made on either on the face or body, and this includes laser treatment for stretch marks and hair transplant. On the other hand, invasive surgeries (otherwise termed also as minimally invasive operations) involve complicated procedures such as facelift and eye surgeries (oriental double eyelid, upper eyelid hooding, and removal of lower eye bags).

Cosmetic surgeons necessitate obtaining enormous knowledge and skill in conducting cosmetic surgical procedures. They should have undergone ample training and have been exposed to a huge amount of clinical experience like Dr Medora who has successfully achieved various necessary trainings such as undergraduate medical training, postgraduate surgical training, and specialization training in cosmetic surgery. Moreover, the surgeons have to be rightfully registered and certified by medical organizations as professionals who are qualified and licensed to do cosmetic operations.

“In order to prevent experiencing complications due to clinical malpractice, individuals who are planning to undergo cosmetic surgeries should be vigilant and be sure that the surgeon who will be conducting the cosmetic operation is a qualified and certified physician. Once patients have already found qualified doctors to whom they trust to perform their desired cosmetic surgical procedure, then they do not have to be shy and be afraid because they are in the good hands of skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons,” added Dr Medora .

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