Some of the most essential parts of your cargo van are definitely the racks. There are various kinds of van racks that are used in the cargo vehicles. These include ladder racks, roof racks and various other kinds of utility racks. Out of these, the roof racks and the van bulkheads are definitely the ones that are simply the most important as far as the cargo vans are concerned. Along with vans, these accessories are also used quite a lot in the case of trucks; in a nutshell, these are mainly used for the purpose of increasing the utility of any and every kind of cargo carrying vehicles. The principal usage of the racks is to make sure that the space is increased in the vehicle that is required for the accommodation of the articles; moreover, these are also used for the purpose of protecting the rear end of the van or the pickup vehicle. The van roof racks are immensely useful as well; these are used for the purpose of creating space on the roof of the truck so that there is the scope of accommodating even more articles.


There are many different kinds of van racks that are used in a cargo vehicle. The classification of the same is done on the basis of the load that is carried by these racks and the vehicles and also the size of the cargo vans as well as the particular van roof racks in question.


-             Lumber racks: These are classified under the heavy duty category of van accessories. These are used for the purpose of lifting extremely heavy objects. Therefore, these are used mainly by those cargo vans that carry unusually heavy consignment. In most cases, the lumber racks differ from the van roof racks in the fact that they are usually framed in welded steel in order to increase their tenacity and strength and their capacity to carry such heavy equipment.


-             Cab racks: These are possibly the simplest- but just as essential- kinds of van racks that are in use. These are used for the purpose of protecting the rear end of the van or the cab region of the pickup truck. These are used for the purpose of providing some extras storage space as well.


-             Roof racks: The van roof racks are used for the purpose of installing extra space for the cargo on the roof. These racks are immensely useful when it comes to the storing of sports equipment. 


-             Professional racks: These racks are used much like the van roof racks; they can accommodate a variety of things like ladders, sports gear and even big objects like canoes.


-             Ladder racks: This particular kind of van racks are used for the purpose of carrying heavy equipment like ladders and the suchlike. While these equipments can quite easily fit into the body of the van, then would definitely have taken up a lot of space, something that cannot be afforded if the vehicle is already carrying a load that is big in size and heavy in weight. These van racks help in making sure that this doesn't happen, and that equipments can be stored in a separate space.

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