London, England (January 18, 2010) - Diesel Models, an agency tailored to helping young, up-and-coming professional models to create a portfolio and receive professional advice, today report on the changing fashion trends that have occurred throughout the years.

Diesel Models have noticed that the changes in global fashion are also linked to the growth of humanity and changing perceptions of society. The glamorous fashions of the 50s were carried on from the high-class social conventions of pre-war Britain, with items such as petticoats and dinner jackets still being worn in post-war England, but with slight changes also being made. Women were more comfortable to wear hourglass dresses, combined with pearls and gloves. Global fashion took a dramatic turn during the 1960s, however, with the explosion of rock and roll and the Hippy movement.

People acted more creatively in public, wearing the 'space look' and bell-bottomed jeans. Glamour took a new direction with dresses being made with materials such as velvet fabrics and batik prints. Bell-bottoms soon gave way to flared jeans in the 1970s as the disco movement broke out, many found solace away from the introduction of miniskirts and 'bovver' boots by hiding within the glam rock circle, dressing in glittery outfits and tight tops.

Diesel Models remember just how bold the colours were going into the 80s, and the introduction of wide shoulder pads in jackets and looser chinos and jeans. The mullet and perms were the hairstyles of choice, with Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein fast becoming household names. Sunglasses were worn by almost everybody, which made way for the 'anti-fashion' movement of the 90s. Comfort was favoured over style, with baggy jeans and sweatshirts being favoured, which was effectively cancelled out with the rise of supermodels such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford.

Grunge was also popular during the 90s, which helped create fashion off-springs such as Goth, Emo and Scene trends leading into the new millennium. Diesel Models have noticed just how diverse and inclusive the last decade was, and the amount of creativity that went into styles such as Hip-Hop, Boho-Chic, Sophisticated Urban, Leggings and original uses of Denim. Diesel Models is eagerly anticipating the new decade, and the new fashions it will bring.

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