When you think about diamonds, you imagine luxurious and gorgeous jewellery items that have an important meaning — an engagement ring, an anniversary bracelet and so on. Well, you can make your jewellery even more special if you choose to honour a loved one that is no longer with you and invest in diamonds from loved ones. We are talking about memorial diamonds that are made from the ashes of the person that you cared most about.


No matter how strange this sounds, after thinking about this whole situation for a little bit, you will realize that this is the best way of keeping your loved one close to you forever. Memorial diamonds really give a new meaning to the expression — diamonds from oved ones. You will not be getting an engagement ring or an anniversary ring, but something even more precious than that, the essence of a person that was part of your life and that you don’t want to say goodbye to.


From now on, when you think about diamonds from loved ones, you are going to imagine that the ring or pendant you are now wearing is a gift from the person that is no longer in your life. This precious gem can be kept in the family for generations in a row. When you need to think about the final arrangements that are usually related to a death in the family, you can grieve but still keep a last thread of hope that your loved one will always be with you.


This is what happens when you invest in memorial diamonds. After you send the ashes to the professionals that are going to turn them into a diamond, you can decide just how much you would like to be involved in this whole process. If you feel that you want to be updated regarding the current status of the ashes/diamond, you can ask the team to send photos. The most interesting thing that you need to know about these diamonds is that they are grown in a specific environment. They are not regular diamonds that you can find in a jewellery store.


These are diamonds that grow using a diamond seed and the ashes of your loved one. The best part about this whole process is that the diamond that will be delivered to you will have a unique appearance. You should know that it all depends on the way that it grows. It will have a particular colour, depending on its origin and it will “tell” the professional what type of shape would be more suitable for it. Use it for a ring or any other kind of jewellery that you will wear all the time.


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