07 June, 2014: Diamond Double, one of the upcoming rappers in the Midwest scene has recently released his much awaited single “Twerkin in the Dance Floor” which has already received a good number of views in a short time. The video is sure to make people go crazy over Diamond and it will be one of the most chilled out videos that rap lovers have been looking for. In a short span of time Diamond is going to launch his official website.

Diamond Double

Diamond Double’s new single “Twerkin on the Dance Floor” is making the fans go crazy over him. The recent launch of the video on YouTube has garnered a large number of views and shares already. The song features a chilled out scene which is sacrosanct with all modern rap videos that are aired on YouTube these days. The video features a bunch of chicks shaking their booties in sync with the beats of Double and their seductive sexiness has added a lot of appeal to the video. The song is all about dancing and it boasts the chilled lifestyle people always look for.

Double is also planning to launch his own official website for his fans. His official website will contain his discography, tour schedule, merchandise, videos, and press releases and about Diamond Double page. He asks his fans to stay tuned for his website launch. His website will also allow people and fans to hire him for shows and interviews.

He has his own brand of productions which he calls Just Tight Music. The brand boasts of unique and tight beats that are ideal for a party dance in a bar or a nightclub. Just Tight Music produces songs, videos and extended plays of Diamond as well as other upcoming and talented artists. Diamond plans to grow his production house bigger and better in due course of time.

Diamond plans to go on trips in the following months. He believes that new circumstances and experiences are the best food for his brain. He unveils his creativity only when it is meaningful. He wants to go on a vacation where he just wants to write and record for his upcoming album. “Twerkin on the Dance floor” is a byproduct of a pub that Diamond visited in Mexico where he got the inspiration for the song. The song has been recorded and Mastered in New York. The video was directed by Philthy also known as Fly Heavy. It will soon be uploaded into iTunes and other song downloading websites for sale.

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