There was a time when a cast was going to be selected for a movie or a television show, it was done with hard copies of black and white pictures and with live auditions made after selecting the artists from them. It was quite usual for an ad to be published in newspapers about the need for a cast. The aspiring actors and actresses had to send their pictures to the casting directors and they were called to a studio for auditions. Later things changed a bit and video tapes and CDs of performances of would be actors and actresses were sent by mail and through couriers to the casting directors.


When people aspiring to secure acting jobs sent their talents recorded in video tapes or CDs the chosen candidates were called upon to perform in front of a panel that consisted of the Choreographer, director and producer of the movie. After watching the performances of the artists casting lists that consisted of the talented artists who had the potential to do the role of the particular movie or the television series were made. From these lists the candidates chosen for acting jobs were picked up. This is the system that was popular among casting directors until the internet came to widespread use.


With the advent of the internet things have changed for the better for those who were looking for acting jobs. They never needed to go for live auditions anymore. When anyone wanted a cast with a certain talent it was a case of looking at the various pieces of videos available on websites. There is a number of websites through which the prospective actors and actresses could show their talents. With this development things became easier for the cast directors to find casts necessary for their clients. Also, the prospective actors found it easier to show their talents to the people who mattered this way.


The method of making cast lists have become still easier for cast directors after the appearance of websites that carry pieces of videos which  show the talents of aspiring actors and actresses. Instead of watching YouTube videos, cast directors are able to look at these videos with the click of a mouse button. People suitable for acting jobs could be found with elegant ease from these websites. Live auditions are no longer necessary. However, if cast directors feel that it is essential they could call the candidates for auditions after making their cast lists.


Internet has made drastic changes in many fronts. Movie world is not spared either. When a cast director wants to watch the performance of an actor living in another part of the world he could watch it with the click of a mouse button. Also, he is able to choose him for a role tentatively until confirmed with a live audition made in front of the people who matter. Even the audiences of movies are able to watch movies with more talented artists being used in casts. Thanks to internet life has become easier for everyone even in the movie world.

It was live auditions that were being used to choose casts for movies and television series sometime back. But with the advent of the internet things have changed for the better and acting jobs have become easier to find.