At your local bank, you will find safe deposit boxes. Most of the time your precious belongings like ornaments, documents, etc perfectly fit into this box but it does not happen always. Few precious bulky items require special safety boxes in extra large size. Leading unique security service provider ´ASB Vault‘ suggests to all its clients that they must be clear about their concern. The concern may be segregated into two major parts. Either they might be burglary or fire. Though, the company offers unique secure service which takes care of both concerns.

Company experts revealed the reason why one should be so confident about burglary. They said that burglary safes are available in thick steel bodies. They have smart lock combination. They have hardened steel bolts as well. On the other hand, a fire safe contains special arrangement of double shell of thin sheet metal filled with insulation. In some cases, it has reinforced doors and combination locks. But, company is aware about thieves‘ reaction that have developed tricks to crack the lock by peeling away the sheet metal.

Company experts also revealed lot of things about fire safes as well. They quoted that insulation section of fire safes contains approximately 30 quarts of water. It is released as the steam in fire which acts as the prevention measure.

Though, each and every word of company experts was equally important but few facts about burglary safes were more important.
• UL & ULC rated models of burglary safes are most secure.
• It weighs approximately 800 pounds.
• Such models are wisely designed for business purposes.

They mentioned few special words exclusively for home based safes. They did mention that such safes are lighter as well as less expensive. Besides that, they are more vulnerable and more importantly able to withstand sledgehammers, pry bars and drills.

If you are adamant to have a safe for your home then ensure yourself that the unit has a concealed hardened-steel plate to protect the bolts and lock, or steel hooks that secure the hinge side of the door. In the end, experts did mention that you can also expect from your dealer that it will install mounting brackets on the unit which will enable you to bolt the safe to the floor to prevent burglars from carting it away.