Individuals can now determine if they are eligible for a home office deduction on their taxes by reading the article posted on

July 29, 2015 — A recently posted article on reveals how taxpayers can determine if they are eligible for a home office deduction. Tax expert and author Frank Ellis discusses the requirements for claiming this deduction so readers know whether they qualify. The first qualifier is that a section of the home is used for work and one works from their home regularly.

Ellis also says one might qualify for the deduction if part of their home is used for meetings. It must be used exclusively for this purpose by small business owners, financial advisors, and other professionals. A business owner with a separate, unattached structure for business would also qualify for the home office deduction, according to the article.

The author also mentions daycare and storage exceptions, in which parts of the home don’t have to be exclusively reserved for these purposes. One may still qualify for the deduction if these activities are only part time.

In addition, Frank Ellis lists several other items one can deduct. The home office deduction can include rent, mortgage interest, insurance, repairs, utility costs, and more. Also, the author notes that items pertaining to the deduction are pro-rated in devising the actual deduction amounts. He also notes the concerns home office workers often have with claiming the deduction.

The article ends with a mention of filing with H&R Block Online. It helps with filling out the right forms, answering the right questions, and completing the tax filing process.

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