China - For each oil painting China wholesale collector, the knowledge about how to identify the damage level of their collecting oil painting should be very necessary as they need these conditions analyzing to repair these oil painting reproductions. Now, the specialized painter from Refine Gallery which is the famous China supplier for wholesale oil paintings will tell people this knowledge.

First, people should first make sure whether the oil painting was created by oil painting skills or glue painting techniques. After this, the collector should also record the size, themes, artist signature, date of completion, condition of inner and outer frames and other status. In addition to these recording, there are also many in-depth analysis which need each collector do.

The first one should be analysis of substrate materials. Collector should identify the material of base. These materials include the flax, jute, hemp, cotton, mixed fibers, wood or fiberboard. The fixed way for the base material should be nail or nail needle. People should then confirm whether there are damage conditions such as seriously oxidation, corrosion, damp, mildew and the damage from microbes, insects and other violations. On the other hand, people should also check whether the oil painting had experienced the previous repair or not.

Second, people also need to confirm the color of bottom coating of the base and find whether the base material has the phenomenon of separation, floating, cracking, spalling, microbe damage and other phenomenon. This step is not important but very necessary.

The third step of analysis refers to the checking for painting layer. First, the analysis of adhesive pigments is very crucial. Second, collector should confirm the thickened and thinness of paint layers. The third step should be the inspection about the color hue whether it belongs to clear, gray or dark tones. Fourthly, people should carefully check whether the Xiamen oil painting wholesale make the use of transparent painting or opaque painting method. The last and the most crucial step should be that people should see the cracking level and depth of cracks on painting layer. Suitable evaluating and analyzing of these factors is very crucial.

The last process of the damage analysis is related to inspection to protective layers. First, people need to identify whether there is a protective layer coating or not. If there has already existed the protective layer, people need to identify whether the layer is fully or partially . Secondly, people should carefully distinguish whether there are microbial deterioration sick infringement of Farnese and transparent color layer

After all steps and methods before, people should finally determine the damage level of their oil painting reproductions and then the corresponding repairing for their products could be taken

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