The Federal Republic of Germany, June 19, 2014: Arts and design are the best examples of creativity in people. It is not a virtue that can be captured, restricted or stolen by anyone from anyone. Besides, design is one of the fundamental fibres of this universe. Designers Digest is a magazine that celebrates the art of designing irrespective of industrial boundaries. It is an online platform where designers, enthusiasts of arts and admirers of creativity will find most of the things that they have look for. It features arts, photography, books, interviews, places and technology that are related to creative designing. 

Designers Digest was started more than 3 decades ago and has had dedicated journalistic involvement with everything even remotely related to creative designing. In its continual existence of more than 30 years, the magazine became a renowned design compendium and eventually acquired the status of a cult. It is incomparable to any passive selection of creative design, online or in print medium. At Designers Digest, creative design is consciously perceived and created. It presents and appreciates diverse specimen from various industries, including automobile. In fact, design works from the automobile industry constitute a major fraction of the magazine. It is not only for the professionals and the veterans but for aspiring imaginative talents in colleges too. 

Arts, photos, architecture and means of exhibition of creative design feature at Designer Digest, which provides equal place to every result of imagination. The magazine is a considerable resource to search for current trends and identify potential trends of future. The dynamic development of computer generated imaging has helped the magazine present creative in the best resolution and definition. The steady growth of followers of the magazine is testimony to the exclusivity Designers Digest offers with respect to creative designs. Another major reason behind the rapid popularisation of the online design magazine is the appointment of new Chief Information Officer (CIO) Nico Gerum, who done significant work towards growth on social media. 

Nico Gerum was appointed as the new CIO for Designers Digest in February, 2014. It is notable in this context that the popularisation of the online magazine has gained significant momentum since then. The website records steady rise in followers and admirers but the main achievement of CIO Nico Gerum has been his contribution towards social media campaign. Ever since he held the office, the magazine has gained remarkable popularity at Facebook and Twitter, where the followers continue to grow at good pace. 

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Designers Digest is an online magazine that features creative design works from various industries. The magazine has been dedicatedly publishing designs by different professionals and students for more than 30 years. It recently appointed a new CIO Nico Gerum to improve its campaign on social media. 

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