Las Vegas, Nevada – A media representative for the extremely popular online retailer today announced the company is currently hosting a sale on designer watches for men and women. is offering savings of up to ninety percent on the company’s winter collection of Bulova, Burberry, Calvin Klein and Casio watches. launched its website to sell mens watches by Michael Kors and Burberry at significantly lower prices and the strategy paid off big-time for the company’s founders. In the beginning, the company’s biggest advocates were people on Facebook. Consumers like saving money on high-quality items and they enjoy bragging about it to their friends. Facebook users consistently shared pictures of the watches on sale at and it quickly became a hit on the social media platform.

Today, is one of the most popular online retailers of men’s and women’s designer watches. The company’s chief executive officer said, “We keep growing simply because our prices are the lowest in the industry. In fact, we’re almost at wholesale prices so we’re very hard to beat.”

“I purchased a Calvin Klein watch for my wife for Christmas and she fell in love with it as soon as she saw it. She wears it to the office and on special occasions and it looks absolutely beautiful on her. Thanks! I highly recommend They have quality watches at low prices!” — Thomas Shepard

The company consistently offers the lowest prices on a broad range of designer watches. Consumers can get even lower prices on the company’s ‘weekly deals’ web page on products such as Emporio Armani, ESQ by Movado, Gucci and Hamilton. Those who are shopping specifically for a Burberry designer watch will find the following products on sale:

- Burberry Mens Classic Checkered Watch
- Burberry Mens Sport Divers Watch
- Burberry Mens Checkered Dial Watch
- Burberry Mens Military Watch
- Burberry Mens Endurance

The company’s website is designed in such a way that it is incredibly easy to navigate. It’s been rated as one of the best laid-out watch retailers online. Consumers who know what they’re looking for can find it fast with a few clicks of the mouse or by clicking on a picture of the product. Those who are looking for womens watches for example, will see a picture of a woman.


We are not the oldest, baddest, or largest (at least not yet) company out there, but we are an incredible team of individuals that just know our “stuff”. Every single person on our team compliments one another in so many ways that frankly, without one of us, we wouldn’t be Pezara. Our hard line negotiators negotiate with suppliers to ensure that we get the best possible deals and pass those savings onto you.

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