Louis Vuitton has always been considered one of the top brands for luxury goods, with a reputation that spans over one hundred years. First established in 1854, the House of Louis Vuitton continues to create new handbag, shoe, and wallet styles while putting a fresh spin on well-loved classics. Designer UK Online Shopping puts the spotlight on the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Rayures, a commemorative variant of everyone's favourite Neverfull tote.

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull Rayures is a bag that is part of the LV Rayure's collection, which features the Noe and the Neverfull in a striped canvas reminiscent of the beige-and-brown Rayures that LV used in the 19th century. The second of the House's signature canvases, the Rayures was used in place of the grey Trianon canvas to discourage imitations.

The charm of the Rayures canvas lives again in the Monogram Rayures, which features the Monogram canvas interspersed with a creamy beige strip that matches the vachetta leather handles of the bag to perfection. Gold brass metal fixtures add a bit of sparkle.

The Neverfull in Monogram Rayures comes in MM, GM, and a new XL size. This makes for a bag that is the perfect piece to dress up a beach outfit. The Neverfull in itself has a silhouette that is particularly well-suited to a holiday, and this quality is only enhanced by the stripes on the Rayure. This would be the perfect bag to rock a nostalgic beach look that is reminiscent of the watering holes of the European elite at the turn of the century ¨C the kind of place that would have served as a setting for Nabokov's fabled Hotel Mirano.

Of course, the Neverfull in Rayures still features all the conveniences that make it one of the best casual bags ever made. It has the two side straps that can be adjusted to alter the bag's outline, a D-ring for keys and accessories, as well as an interior zipped pocket for a wallet or any other valuables. This bag also comes with an attractive fabric lining in the same color as the beige stripes, giving it a feminine and rather vintage feel.

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