April 04, 2013 – Women, who were prescribed by their doctors the anti-convulsant drug Depakote (divalproex sodium) way back in 1983, took it without question hoping to be alleviated from their random epileptic seizures. For those who have bipolar disorder, taking it meant hope to ease the pain of manic episodes associated with their ailment. However, little did they and their doctors knew that serious side effects awaited their unborn child. Since then, many American women have filed lawsuits against Abbott Laboratories for what we now know as Depakote birth defects and the court battle continues to this very day.

Answering the needs of women who seek proper legal representation against the multimillion drug company, www.DepakoteBirthDefectsNews.com has recently been launched to help those who want to determine if they are eligible for legal compensation or not.

Side effects range from decreased cognate functioning in children, which can eventually lead to a lower IQ, to other serious birth defects such as Depakote spina bifida. According to *information found at DepakoteBirthDefectsNews.com, Depakote has been proven to cause this serious side effect on children whose mothers took it during pregnancy.

According to the author Glendal Bass from the Depakote Birth Defects News website :“A recent study concluded that women who took Depakote during pregnancy have a 12.7 times greater risk of having a child with spina bifida than women who do not take the drug. In spina bifida, the spinal column and backbone fail to fully develop and close creating a risk of infection and often resulting in neurological disabilities.” – DepakoteBirthDefectsNews.com’s article ‘Depakote Birth Defects’

Also, in another **report by MedPageToday.com, European researchers have found that the anti-seizure medication valporic acid we know as Depakote, has significantly increased the risk of six types of birth defects. In one large case control study by Lolkje T.W. de Jong-van den Berg, PhD of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, their analysis done with approximately 98,000 pregnancies has confirmed that taking Depakote increased the risk of spina bifida more than 12 times.

With this information at hand, those who have suffered the drug’s complications have a strong case; providing that they attain the appropriate legal representation. With the new website features of DepakoteBirthDefectsNews.com, people can now avail of their free case evaluation to see if they are eligible for compensation.

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