Austin, Texas - Wed, August 12, 2009

DataInfoCom Inc. is sponsoring a free webinar series to help educate today's busy executives on the key concepts of Analytics. The title of the series is "Behind the veil - Scientific disciplines enabling Analytics & Optimization" and it will contain several episodes, each episode focused on a particular scientific discipline. The first episode of this series will air live (30 minutes) on August 20, 2009, Thursday, at 12 noon Eastern (11 AM Central, 9 AM Pacific); the topic will be Operations Research and its 7 key concepts, in plain English.

Analytics is all over the news these days, especially in the business press. A simple Google search of the word analytics produces about 100 million entries! Even with this much noise - unfortunately, a lot of it is just that, "noise" - the largest potential beneficiaries of analytics (i.e., the executives in large corporations and the officials in government organizations) still lack high-level understanding of the fundamental scientific concepts behind analytics. DataInfoCom wants to change this state of affairs - DataInfoCom believes more these potential beneficiaries learn about analytics, better it will be for all involved. Moving forward, this newly acquired knowledge should enable these executives to make much more informed decisions about "if" and "how" analytics can be of value to their organizations. The understanding of analytics concepts, coupled with the executives' existing knowledge of their businesses, should facilitate the ´right‘ investments in Analytics & Optimization for the ´right‘ reasons, at the ´right‘ time, and with the ´right‘ returns.

DataInfoCom is proud to have two leading academics in the field of Operations Research - the science of decision management - as speakers for the first episode: Operations Research and its 7 key concepts, in plain English. They are Dr. John Hasenbein, Associate Professor, Operations Research & Industrial Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, and Dr. David P. Morton, Professor, Operations Research & Industrial Engineering, University of Texas at Austin.

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"Analytics is not about pretty dashboards - at its best, analytics is about preventive actions to avoid a predicted issue, or, proactive actions to take advantage of a predicted opportunity. Operations Research plays a key role in enabling decisions that are actionable, timely, practical, and optimum. We believe most industry executives will find it well worth 30 minutes of their time to learn about Operations Research from Dr. Hasenbein and Dr. Morton," says Atanu Basu, CEO & President, DataInfoCom.

About DataInfoCom:
DataInfoCom is an enterprise software company with patent-pending technologies to help large companies predict 'and' preempt upcoming issues for their ongoing business processes and key initiatives. The same technologies can also be used to predict 'and' benefit from upcoming opportunities. DataInfoCom's software not only predicts the future (what + when + why), but also makes decisions (how) to take advantage of these predictions. DataInfoCom lets Global Fortune 2000 corporations run their large processes (and initiatives), looking forward, and not in the rearview mirror.
DataInfoCom has successfully implemented its technologies for two of the most recognized corporations in the world, both "Fortune 50" companies, for several of their core business processes (Contact Centers, Field Service, Retail Operations, Market Intelligence, etc.). All of DataInfoCom's deployments to date are 'reference-able.'

DataInfoCom's Board is made up of senior executives and board members at Dell, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, SAP, Massachusetts Institute of Technology ("MIT"), and Georgia Tech. DataInfoCom's global team is comprised primarily of Scientists, Technologists, and Domain Experts. DataInfoCom has been collaborating extensively with several reputable Professors, primarily in the areas of Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science, at different universities, since the company's inception (2003).

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