03 June, 2014: Marks the first debate between the three Democratic contenders for attorney general namely State Senator Brian E. Frosh and Maryland State Delegates Jon S. Cardin and Aisha Braveboy. The three of them have been seen together at different forums but the debate scheduled last Monday was the first time that they are going to face a direct debate with each other. The topics are likely to include foreclosure issues, cyber-related crimes and environmental laws.

Whoever is going to win among the three Democratic representatives are going to face Jeffrey N. Pritzker, a Republican lawyer form Towson and Leo Wayne Dymoski, a Libertarian lawyer from Dundalk. Should Jeffrey N. Pritzker wins the votes he is going to be the first Republican to win the seat since 1919.

The importance of the seat of attorney general

St Mary’s College Professor of Political Science, Todd Eberly, quoted that “Attorney general advisory opinions can be very important.” He further explained that the voters should participate to influence the outcome of the election.

The attorney general is expected to be the legal adviser to the state courts, the General Assembly and the governor. His or her legal views will highly influence developments that would affect the communities’ lives concerning different issues such as civil rights, environmental and consumer protections laws. As an example, Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler influenced the recognition of the same-sex marriages executed in other states.

The undefeated Democrats winning streak for almost a century

The three democrat contenders seek to represent and continue the undefeated winning streak for the democrat party.

State Senator Brian E. Frosh is known to be one of the partners in a law firm in Montgomery County and is confident to represent his experience and acclaimed brilliance in law compared to the other two representatives. He seeks to point out the concerns regarding legislature and environmental protection as some of the topics during the debate.

Maryland State Delegate Jon S. Cardin is an independent law practitioner who is looking to focus on the debate about identity theft and cyber fraud. He also seeks to include public safety and the imposition of fair, dignified and respectful treatment among Marylanders.

Maryland State Delegate Aisha Braveboy is practicing real estate law with a firm in Bowie. Her exposure and experience in the issues regarding real estate such as foreclosed houses that ends up getting deteriorated are one of the main concerns she wants to push for in the said debate.

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