Los Angeles, CA — Large and small, companies all over the world are using eBay as a place where they can sell products cheaply and efficiently directly to customers. Through eBay customers are able to get the best deals that they can for the products that they want, and so a good eBay strategy is necessary for even corporate sellers. At www.deliverysuccess.com they are proud to announce a corporate design service tier for their custom eBay template maker service.

Small companies have been using the eBay template maker at www.deliverysuccess.com for a long time. No matter what kind of product the company is selling, they can use the eBay template maker to create a template for selling the product on eBay by making the ad that sells the product stand out from the other ads that are on the site. This template dramatically reduces the amount of time that it takes to post new items onto eBay and makes the company more effective. The more time the products are able to spend posted online for sale, the greater the number of pieces that can be moved.

The problem with the services at www.deliverysuccess.com was that they were not ideal for corporations with many users. For this reason Deliverysuccess.com launched the new corporate pricing model that allows for multiple users and a lot of storage space. Now companies who have multiple people posting eBay auctions can all work with the eBay template maker at one time and store all of their own projects with ease. The pricing is just as affordable for large companies as it is for smaller ones, making Deliverysuccess.com a perfect partner for making a quality eBay ad.

Corporations can now partake of the services offered by Deliverysuccess.com with multiple users and greater storage than ever before. Because of the professional appearance of the templates made by the eBay template maker, customers will be impressed by the work and they will be more likely to spend money with that company.

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