27, April 2015: Ceramic Deiss knives impress with their sharpness, as they cut and pierce easily nearly any type of food products. For many years Deiss manufactures ceramic kitchen knives. From the start this company was first among the pioneers in the area of producing ceramic knives for home usage. 

Nowadays, Deiss ceramic knives quickly and deservingly became trustworthy; their sharp blades are designed for a long work. Their high-quality level ensures quick and neat cut of different products whether it’s meat or fish, vegetables or fruit. You can slice them very thin. While working the knives do not absorb odor and do not rust. 

Deiss ceramic knives are presented in many various colors and styles. Meet the latest example – the classic Japanese cookware with black blade that is made of zirconia ceramic and that has dark handle made of special Pakka wood and has stainless steel with rivets. 

In order to provide additional protection the knives, Deiss wants to offer specific protectors for the sharp blades. 

These protectors are manufactured in 5 various sizes, they are suitable for a safe storage and convenient keeping in the drawer and in the kitchen in general. 

All the knives offered are made at the Berlin family factory and they satisfy Deiss’ highest quality demands that guarantee the ideal every day cutting and slicing. 

You are welcomed to get more information concerning Deiss: http://deisskitchenware.de/