, a website devoted to informing the public about university degree programs and the best way to obtain a degree recently posted an article on their website that shines the light on a degree scam run from Pakistan. The owners of posted this article to highlight the importance of dealing with legitimate organizations that offer degrees that are recognized by companies worldwide.

The article centers on Walford University, a website that just went live offering diplomas in areas such as theatre & drama, medicine, information technology, engineering, journalism and creative writing. According to the professionals at, they have discovered that Walford University is just the latest venture of the founder of such ventures as Belford University and Belford High School. Both of these ventures were recently deemed to be a scam and the founder was found guilty of running these scams. Unfortunately according to he has started a new operation, Walford University, similar to the ones shut down.

As the article states, those looking for a legitimate diploma program should be advised to be on the lookout for such scams and be cautious when they run across Walford University. Some of the signs that these types of programs are scams include promising things that are simply too good to be true like generous grants and scholarships. Reading the article is like reading a blueprint into how to spot a scam. Readers are told that scammers set up a professional-looking website and offer amazing things. One clear sign that a diploma mill is a scam is the offer to get the diploma for as little as $500. That is simply not realistic.

Unfortunately even a court case and judgment is not enough to stop a determined scammer operating from Pakistan. The judgment against the founder of Belford was severe and the penalty extreme yet he was able to start Walford University shortly thereafter scamming a whole new group of people eager to learn and receive a diploma. According to this article the real tragedy lies in the fact that people spend large sums of money on the scam diplomas only to have those credentials denied by most every major employer. Only when denied do the diploma holders realize that they have been scammed.

Websites like are proving invaluable in exposing these diploma scams and bringing important information to the public. In addition to informing the public about scams they also provide details about legitimate diploma and degree programs where people can obtain the advanced learning and credentials they need to succeed.

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