Degree holding youth cannot find Job


  • Young graduates are not industry-ready despite having degrees from prestigious colleges
  • A vast majority of graduates are virtually unemployable due to a skill-gap, according to a report by the FICCI and E&Y
  • Career Lift offers a Career Enhancer Kit for colleges/universities to help their students prepare for campus placements and acquire good jobs


In today’s competitive world, every young person has the ambition to pursue a degree from an elite college that will get them a respectable job. However, even at the best colleges and universities in the country, the coursework is outdated and does not suit as per industry requirements. Director of Career Lift Ed-Tech, Mr. Nitil Gupta says, “the courses designed in Colleges/Universitiesmiss out on teaching practical and technical skills that will not only help students land a job with top companies, but also help them in career progression. Therefore, despite investing money, time, and efforts, institutes are simply unable to produce graduates who will thrive in competitive job markets”. The latest Higher Education report published by FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) and Ernst &Young says that 93% of the MBA and 80% of the engineering graduates in India are unemployable because of the gap between what they are taught in college and industry requirements. It goes on to say that out of India’s six million graduates, a vast majority are not “industry-ready’ because of a skill-gap. Colleges/Universities need to focus more on technical and practical training rather than just granting degrees.


Career Lift, an Ed-Tech company, recognizes this problem and develops solutions for problems such as these in the education sector. Their products like E-Career Enhancer, M-Career Enhancer andStudy Material,arestrategically designed to help colleges and universities aid their students to excel during campus placements and acquire jobs that are best suited for them. E-Career Enhancer, an Online Platform takes the user through all the components of the placement process, like aptitude test practice, GD&PI preparation, current affairs and information about the companies. This product also comes with a complimentary Mobile Application, M-Career Enhancer.These set of products are very useful for institutes while enabling their students to ace the campus recruitment process with not just their degrees, but other value-added skills.