Breaking news: Happy-Wheels is a game akin to Honey Boo Boo, in that it’s being patronized more and more by people for the sake of Schadenfreude and catharsis more than anything else, punishing acceptable targets for their obnoxiousness and “hateability” (that’s not really a word, but it encompasses one of the key entertainment factors of Happy Wheels for sure). Speaking of encompassing and epitomizing concepts, no one encompasses and epitomizes Schadenfreude and catharsis among the Happy-Wheels characters better than Segway Guy, who is the epitome of obnoxiousness as he rides his circus-like Segway two-wheel transport with haughtiness that’s hard to put into words. “The whole gameplay is simple, but can be very addicting,” said Chad Thomas, who recently tried the game.

He has the ability to jump yet land straight up, although more often than not you want to see him impaled in the deathtraps. Then there’s the Moped Couple, whose main claim to fame is having a man riding a moped with his wife or girlfriend riding shotgun behind him. Their moped features speed boosts that, not while as powerful as Wheelchair Guy’s rocket, still packs a punch. The site (that contains the game itself) will show that the Moped Couple is essentially Wheelchair Guy mixed with Irresponsible Dad, giving the worst of both worlds but that’s the point in a game where half the fun comes from the failures rather than the completed courses.