It has been announced that the Deer Valley Storage Company is offering its 50 per cent discount offer for a limited time. It is a discount coupon system with the first two months off offer. Most of the Phoenix residents have admitted that the offer, when coupled with the company’s low rental rates on self-storage has almost practically made it free for the smart customers.


The revelation made by some of these residents have increased the sales of the company. residents have now, reportedly raced to get hold of the 50 per cent off coupon codes and have coupled it with the low rate offers made by the company. The resultant price has indeed pleasantly surprised so many of the customers. The Self storage 85027of the company has especially been mostly some of the most popular services in demand.


For the residents of Phoenix, storage has always been a problem because of the very fact of the matter that most homes do not come with additional space. This is even more problematic when the product to be stored is not just a couple of boxes but larger — cars. Individuals are not always ready to part with their cars. Sudden yet temporary transfers do not make it necessary for the owners to sell their expensive cars. Things like cars are also not things that can be lent to friends and family because it is quite expensive.


The Car storage phoenix AZoffers its clients with secure storage system. The environment is also such that even after prolonged storage, the car is always in perfect working condition. The professionals are well trained to take extra care of the entire packing and the moving process. The company understands that each of the items if close to the heart of the owner. Hence, it is important to handle each one with care. For more information please visit


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