Deepika Padukone reveals her sporty side on Breakfast to Dinner

The actress talks about badminton, first film and eating habits on UTV Stars


This week on UTV Stars’ Breakfast to Dinner, Bollywood beauty, Deepika Padukone is set to introduce her real self to the fans and viewers and take them all on a day’s journey into her behind-the-cameras life. On the show, Deepika opens up about beating her co-stars in badminton matches, keeping liars away and how she curbs her food craving. The actress also reveals the secret being her famous geeky look and walks down the memory lane when her first film released.

While Deepika may not have persuaded Badminton as her career, the former champion still has the skills. The actress starts her day by showing off some court moves on the show. While she is at it, Deepika reveals that she has often been challenged for one-on-one games by none other than her co-actors. Further adding, Deepika says, “They all challenge me but of course, they lose.” Soon, it’s time for the diva to travel to her next destination. Swiftly shifting gears of her brand new ride, the road leads her to down the memory lane. Deepika stops at the spot where her first ever hoarding was placed. With a hint of regret in her voice, the actress says, I wish I had clicked the picture of my first hoarding.”

As Deepika continues her journey, Breakfast to Dinner takes a little peek into her bag. If you think dieting is the secret behind her fit figure, then here’s a disclosure about Deepika’s eating habits during her busy schedule. She says, “I carry biscuits for my hunger pangs.” As Deepika reaches the destination, handsome hunk, Ranveer Singh joins the actress and the two spill the beans about the behind the scenes of their most awaited film.


Find out, this Sunday November 24, at 7 PM as Breakfast to Dinner spends a day with lovely Deepika Padukone


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