January 17, 2013: There are thousands of books available in the market place today, written on every subject, and from every viewpoint they keep on coming. However there are some books which seem to attract a cult following right from the start, books that fans fight over and argue about, books you can’t get out of your head. These books usually touch on the prevailing zeitgeist of our times and are very much in demand.

One of the books that falls into this category is the new supernatural thriller bestseller, Deathloop by British screenwriter G. Brailey. This book is a really absorbing read with some killer twists that come thick and fast during the closing chapters. The book is so well written it keeps readers engaged and absorbed from page 1. The story revolves around the devastating consequences which result when the main character, Zack Fortune, helps out his close friend Clarissa who is training to become a past life regression therapist, by agreeing to let her help him regress to a past life. But the regression does not go well when during the hypnosis, Zack is confronted by horrific visions, and so frightened is he of what he sees, he cuts the session short.

Almost straight away, one by one, complete strangers start dying in front of him but before they do, they call out to him by name screaming for his help. Gradually, as Zack has to deal with more and more deaths, and his close friends become caught up in trauma and violence, all of them are challenged by these bizarre events that simply defy explanation. So Zack sets out on a frantic quest to defeat these dark forces that are threatening his very existence, before the dark forces destroy him.

All the characters in Deathloop are well drawn and very complex, challenging in places; even the subsidiary characters have depth to them. (This is one of the most satisfying aspects of the book.) But it is the story that grabs you. I have certainly never read anything quite like it. People who find mysterious, complex, challenging ideas irresistible, will be delighted by Deathloop. It takes the readers on a roller coaster ride through a fascinating world of reality and the supernatural, where it is difficult at times to work out what is real and what is not.

With over 45 4* and 5* reviews, on both Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and Goodreads, this is the book that everyone is talking about. One reviewer said: “it takes the thriller genre to a new level” “spellbinding” “brilliant read” “stunning debut novel” “ended up emotionally exhausted and almost lost at the conclusion” “a terrifying unstoppable read”. Be amongst the first few thousand people to have read Deathloop and join in the debate. Time to get hold of a copy!

About Deathloop

Deathloop is a new bestseller released by G. Brailey. The book is available to be purchased on Amazon at just £1.92 — less than a cup of coffee for a story you will struggle to get out of your head!

Amazon reference: B008DRX7D4