“Dreams Come True” is Deanna’s latest music video, and the first to be published on YouTube. It has accumulated more than 3 million views in under a week.

The massive reception has caught the aspiring music artist by surprise. She has not only impressed listeners with her voice and talent, but also inspired many people with her story, which she hopes will continue to ever greater heights beyond “Deanna — Dreams Come True

After years of work and practice, Deanna used the Internet and specifically YouTube as a medium to showcase her work. Judging by the viewers’ reactions, “Deanna — Dreams Come True” carries a message of positivity and inspiration that speaks out to a lot of people.

Deanna speaks fluently in four different languages: English, Spanish, Hebrew and Russian. This knowledge may be used in her upcoming YouTube videos, as she revealed some of her plans for the future.

Deanna’s current goal is to reach out to a large number of people with her music. The artist behind one of YouTube’s latest million view videos now hopes to spread the positive message of “Dreams Come True” even further.

Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N4cv026E_8

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