Dreams Come True is the new single by Deanna whose video was released on YouTube one week ago and already got over 4 million views. The song has inspirational lyrics and was produced and written by the singer herself. The song is very positive and inspirational as it carries the massage of “Self Belief”

Deanna is a new face in the US music scene but gaining a lot of exposure and acknowledgment very fast. With over 7000 thousand likes Deanna promises to be the next big thing.

Born in Ukraine and raised in Israel, the young Singer speaks 4 different languages fluently. Her fluency in 4 languages is a great trait and lets her connect with people from major lingual backgrounds.

She began her carrier a while ago appearing in small roles in TV shows and National Commercials on prime time channels, but did not get such a big breakthrough until she released her own song Dreams Come True, only after Deanna’s “Dreams Come True” was released it right away got discovered by millions and millions YouTube viewers. I guess we all need some inspiration.

Deanna has instantaneously become a popular sensation among the masses and it is hoped that she comes up with more interesting and catchy songs for music lovers all over the world.

Watch Deanna’s Dreams Come True official YouTube video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N4cv026E_8

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