Because information is an essential part in the identity of a company, keeping it and protecting it is vital for the performance of that business. Archief digitaliseren is one of the best ways to store your data because this method is not only beneficial in terms of time and space economy, but it is also very efficient for the company.


Information is the most powerful business tool. More and more companies are using archives as a strong competitive tool because this personal deposit of the knowledge and the experience of the company sustains the entire structure of the business. If it is used effectively, the data stored in an archive can enhance the overall performance of a company. On the opposite, if the company’s competitors come into the possession of their archive, this can be turned into a weapon against it, as it provides them with vital records that threaten the integrity of the company.


Many companies, especially the ones that have decades of existence have gathered a lot of documents and other data. These papers, films, photographs and so on are prone to aging and deterioration. No matter how many copies you have of the same document, it is not safe to store it only in a deposit, so much the more if it is vital for the company. Besides that, storing information in this way requires more and more space for depositing the documents. Therefore it is not efficient to keep records only on paper.


To solve this situation, the entire data you have in an archive can be digitized. Companies that deal with archive management, such as De Haan Archiefbeheer provide services of archief digitaliseren that can help you store the data you have on a digital device. One of the advantages of digitizing the archive is the fact that it doesn’t require too much space. Furthermore, archief digitaliseren stores data for a longer period of time and the information is safer if it is stored on a digital device. Compared to regular archives, digital archives are also easier to access. A simple search and you can find everything you were looking for. You don’t have to waste too much time on trying to find a particular document.


The most common way to transfer documents of a digital device is by scanning. The digital copy of the document is saved as an image and then stored either directly on the computer or on a CD or a DVD. At De Haan Archiefbeheer the digital storage of the archive can be done in two ways: scanning on demand and back-log scanning. The first method refers to digitizing just a part of the archive and it is required mostly for records that are not consulted too often. Back-log scanning applies for complete archives, which is solution that provides time and cost savings.



De Haan Archiefbeheer provides many other archive management solutions besides archief digitaliseren. They can help you with record destructions, storage, transportation of documents and archive processing.