29, May 2015: DDTank Mobile, one of the most anticipated turn-based shooting games and the only authorized mobile version of DDTank, will launch this May for IOS and Android.

DDTank 1

Adapted From the Smash Hit Browser Game. the Classic DDTank Legend Continues! DDTank Mobile is the first real-time, competitive shooter mobile game of its kind. It offers both offline and online modes, Bluetooth connectivity, and instant real-time multiplayer action with players from across the globe.

DDTank 2

DDTank mobile preserves the basic features of the browser version, but offers players a smooth and fluid way to enjoy the game.

The same challenge system, and checkpoints are still key to DDTank’s gameplay. Players will encounter familiar enemies, participate in the same activities, and be able to find some of the same items, but DDTank Mobile has also developed new functions, simplified complicated content, as well as optimized the appearance and design of the game.

The mobile version maintains the original interfaces, but optimizes them for mobile devices, thus increasing accessibility and offering faster loading times. Offline mode will be especially useful for users with network connection issues.

[Maintaining What’s Key In the Browser Version]

DDTank 3

Its focus on design and playability has earned DDTank an international reputation. DDTank Mobile implements DDTank’s features and unique style, and allows players to experience the game in a whole new way.

DDTank 4

[New Game Modes]

DDTank Mobile makes gaming simpler by offering offline PVE and online PVP modes.

The DDT Academy and the Labyrinth are two of the new features available in DDTank. In the DDT Academy players can participate in Classic Battle Rivals, Challenge Training and Survival Mode. In the Labyrinth players will find lots of new dungeons to challenge. Both can be played offline and reward points which can be exchanged for items and chests whenever the player is online!

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