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America’s leading dentistry SEO experts have today announced plans to launch a scholarship program. Their goal is to help future health professionals pay for their education. The scholarship will award one aspiring dental student $500 to go towards books or tuition for the 2015 fall semester. If you’re studying to become a dentist at the current time, DDSRank wants to hear from you. With very few companies offering scholarships exclusively for dental students, this award is a great opportunity.

In order to apply for the scholarship, DDSRank needs a few things from you. Firstly, they want you to send them an 800 word essay that explains how you think the Internet will reshape the world of dentistry. Secondly, they need your contact information and a few details about your school. You should send them the following:

-    Name
-    Address
-    Telephone number
-    Name of high school
-    School address
-    Current GPA
-    Grade level
-    Anything else you think they should know.

You need to make sure that all that information is submitted to DDSRank by September 30th, 2015 at the very latest. They will then look through all the submissions and select one lucky candidate to receive the award. It’s as simple as that!

The new DDSRank dental scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for anyone taking a course in dentistry this year. Not only will the money help to fund your education, but winning the scholarship could look good on your transcript. Students who win awards that help pay for their college education are usually more attractive to potential employers. The awards are an indication that other experts recognize your worth.

DDSRank has continued to grow since they first opened their doors a few short years ago. With an emphasis on providing the best search engine optimization services in the industry, they are continuing to grow their customer base. One factor that sets them apart from other SEO agencies is that they only serve clients from the world of dentistry. CEO Steve Brown personally oversees all campaigns and prides himself on providing the best possible results for his clients. The company is so committed to helping their clients succeed that they even offer a free evaluation of your website’s search engine positioning and SEO elements. Where else do you get such a fantastic service?

The entire team at DSSRank are on hand during working hours to offer advice and answer any questions you might have. Do not hesitate to contact them if you run a dental practice. Their help could be all you need to boost business considerably. If your site doesn’t rank in the best position within search engine listings, you could be missing many potential patients. So, contact the DDSRank team today and find out how they can help bring visitors to your website and new patients to your dental practice..

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