In it’s 12th year, DCON MUSIC, the industry’s premier music showcase event is slated to take place Sept. 2728, 2013 in Miami Beach, FL.

“A music showcase is a powerful platform music makers can utilize to gain more attention,” explains Felisha Booker, Founder & CEO of DCON MUSIC. “Participating in a music showcase can fast track one’s credibility, build a buzz and drive demand. There is no better way to network with industry professionals.”

DCON12 is comprised of two tracks: a music conference and a music convention. Each track has a number of music showcase opportunities. “The conference is limited to just 50. It gives registrants an opportunity to connect direct with music buyers, licensors and dealmakers,” says Felisha Booker, Founder & CEO of DCON MUSIC. “Limited entry gives each attendee more access to the music professionals during the conference. In contrast, the convention is open for all who register. The convention is a mirage of music showcase events, networking opportunities, competitions, beat battles, q&a discussions, daytime parties and even a record swap. Industry professionals will also be in attendance.

DCON12 offers a range of activities that benefit music producers, songwriters and artists. The events can be used as a networking connection for those new to music and for those more seasoned.

“The goal of DCON12 is to provide insight and exposure to music producers, songwriters and artists, says Booker. To accomplish this, we will bring together dynamic music professionals to share their expertise, viewpoints and experiences.”

DCON12 tickets are on sale today.

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With a history dating back to 2002, DCON MUSIC is one of the longest running and the most valuable music conference for music makers. DCON MUSIC is a member of the Dynamic Music Network. At the helm of Dynamic Music Network are Dynamic Producer and Dynamic Songwriter professional organizations. Each organization provides one on one support to help music producers, songwriters and artists get to their next level. Instruction is led with emphasis on beat making, music production, music mixing, songwriting, music business, branding, marketing, promotions, management and networking. DCON MUSIC was formerly known as The Dynamic Producer Music Conference.