China; 17, November 2015: Foods like burgers, pizzas and chips will not taste delicious and yummy without the inclusion of tomato paste. There are many food processing firms that manufacture various types of tomato pastes. D&B Industrial Co Ltd is one such firm that manufactures the most tasty and special ingredient flavors tomato pastes in the market. All its products are made from fresh ripe tomatoes. The firm never compromises with product quality and has placed a strict quality control system. This tomato paste is actually a thick reddish paste which is obtained from cooking tomatoes. The firm employs different techniques to obtain this paste which mainly include welding, lid punching, flange sealing and more.

It supplies these tomato pastes in well built containers to preserve the delicious elements and to prevent the penetration of germs and funguses to damage the product. Its tomato pastes are sold in various packing which mainly include tomato paste raw material in 220L drum or 1000 L wooden bin, canned tomato paste, sachet tomato paste, tomato puree, tomato ketchup with can size from 70 gram to 4.5 kg and sachet size from 18 gram to 1 kg. Its canned tomato paste 70G- 4500G tins are lithographed or labeled. These cans are lacquered white from inside with normal or easy lid open system. Customers can view some of its sample products in the website. They will get full information on all its products which are provided in a nice chart format below the product pictures. This canned tomato paste manufacturer has also rolled out different other quantities of canned tomato paste which mainly include 800G canned tomato paste, 400 G canned tomato paste and so on.

The 70g sachet tomato paste factory of this firm prepares various types of tomato pastes with easy to open sachets. It normally delivers the ordered item within 45 days after confirming the deposit, label, carton designs and quality. Customers have the option of selecting the product quantity of their choice before placing the order. Its site completely secures the private information of the customers and never shares them with unauthorized sources.

It mainly accepts payment through secured online transactions like L/C and customers have to pay 30% as advance and 70% after the delivery. For additional information, customers can contact its technical support staffs. All its products are delivered in good quality and there is no issue of unnecessary delay of delivery. All its products are prepared under the supervision of professional research and development team who ensures long lasting impression of these products in the mind of the consumers.

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D&B Tomato Industry Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of different types of tomato pastes. For more information viewers can log on to its website.

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