London, UK, August 16, 2014: With a centralized online based time, task and team collaboration solution such as DayViewer Team Sync, it is believed that 9/10 unnecessary internal emails can be eliminated from most projects and the frequency of progress meetings can be significantly reduced or even eliminated. 

Centralized collaboration and planning around a calendar based organizer system will also reduce errors, smooth processes and improve team spirit in any organization saving or generating significant sums of money for the businesses and organizations that adopts the DayViewer Team Sync system — essentially leading to a happier workforce that is more productive and getting things done on time. 

DayViewer Team Sync is a single page collaboration system for business users and professionals to allow collaboration and team work around a single team shared calendar and team room system. Tasks can be planned, assigned, discussed and updated. Team Sync allows the planning a project together with the team members or may be used to organize and coordinate team members, personnel or a busy office. Messages within the team chat area are automatically indexed so each conversation can be easily accessed for future reference. 

DayViewer Team Sync combined with the DayViewer platform provides the user with everything they would require to smoothly run their business or project, including a to do list, contact management, and searchable note system giving them overall control to plan their time more effectively. 

“Team Sync could be used by businesses and professionals to eliminate unnecessary meetings, reduce internal emails and used daily to check what needs doing today” — Chet Karsan, Founder, 

About DayViewer: 

DayViewer is a London based startup looking to create a platform that helps businesses improve productivity and plan their time. Founded by Entrepreneur Chet Karsan in London, UK, who found that while running his own business, he needed to get more organized to compete with larger businesses and grow. 

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