A travel writer for leading British periodical The Independent has recently published a piece on the paper’s website showcasing what she feels could be a worthwhile destination for a day-trip for tourists travelling to Dalaman, Turkey.

The destination in question, Selimiye, is a small fishing village about an hour’s drive from Marmaris and two hours’ drive from Dalaman airport; it is easily accessible through one of the many private transfers offered at the latter location. Located in the Bozborun peninsula, in south west Turkey, this quaint town is considered by the feature writer to offer a glimpse of the ‘real’ country, away from busy tourist centres such as Dalaman or Marmaris.

Despite the largely unspoilt nature of this location, where traditional customs and trades are still very much observed, The Independent’s staff writer does make note of the few boutique hotels that have discreetly been popping up around the village. These, she notes, may suit the tastes of tourists travelling to Dalaman but wanting to explore further afield during their time in Turkey. Strict planning regulations have, so far, prevented the building of larger developments in this region of Turkey; the writer considers this a good thing, contributing, as it does, to the quaint and natural appeal of Selimiye.

Also available at this Turkish bayside village are a number of cafes and restaurants, which are certain to please visitors to this location. A good selection of cocktail bars and upmarket seafood eateries — surprising for a village of this size and with no focus on tourism — completes the gastronomic appeal of Selimiye, the feature author considers.

The staff writer for the leading British newspaper therefore gives Selimiye her solid seal of approval in the piece in question, and considers it a valid alternative for tourists seeking a slightly different location to explore for those travelling to Dalaman airport.

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