Social media and the number of data channels now available has increased the level of information beyond the capacity of many marketers. This means that more and more, data management platforms are becoming a vital tool in turning the endless facts and figures into usable and useful information.

28 March 2016 — There are a number of high-quality, advanced function management platforms on the market. Each is designed to make the collection and curation of information modern and sophisticated. They allow the user to identify trends and opportunities that may not have been possible with tradition methods. A DMP absorbs, sorts and stores the data, including information regarding demographic behaviour, interests, browsing platforms, and more, and segments into useful information for marketers. From there, the marketer can further sort it via a range of user defined criteria, using it to create targeted advertising, more sophisticated media buying programs, and develop a deeper understanding of the customer base.

The primary aim of all digital advertising is engagement and a DMP allows a marketing team to build a formula for success without the usual trial and error. Impressive Digital Agency( Pty Ltd will collect data from a range of sources. These included first, second and third parties, covering everything from information gained through a direct relationship with the customer, to contextual targeting based off the behaviour of a demographic rather than one individual user.

As digital marketing evolves and data driven strategy becomes the leading approach, data management platforms will evolve and become more complex. For those who have the foresight to implement them in their embryonic stage, the DMP will be part of the plumbing of their agency and help put them ahead of the competition. As with all digital trends, it is virtually impossible to predict which one will take off, however information is power and early adoption of a data management system may determine who wields this power most effectively.

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