(Free Press Release) OCR is typically used for data scanning and data entry and it is quick, accurate and highly efficient than keystroke data entry. Data entry services are playing very crucial part in the progress of business worldwide.

Data Entry Outsourcing an established data entry company in India offers wide range of data entry services at cost effective data entry cost to countries like USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia and other parts of the world. We provide customized data entry services to suit every business needs. Outsourcing ocr data entry services needs along with other data entry requirements to expert data entry services providing company in India will allow you to concentrate on your core business and eliminate in house data entry needs resulting in accurate, on time and cost effective data entry solutions at 60% low data entry cost.

Data Entry Outsourcing offers a full range of services:

• OCR data entry
• OCR clean up
• Online data entry
• Offline data entry
• Image Capture/Editing
• Image data entry etc

Our experienced data entry keyers and professionals are specialized in data entry with key verify. We are utilizing double keyed data entry to ensure 100% accuracy of clients‘ precious data. By integrating unique processes, state-of-the-art technology, proven procedures and highly skilled professionals, we are able to get 100% client satisfaction.

Definite benefits like secure OCR data entry and cost saving up to 60% an all data entry services with through accuracy of 99.89% and on time delivery of completed data entry project is what our clients are getting on association with us for data entry services requirements.

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