Thousands of new customers are turning to USFidelis for their Vehicle Service Contract needs. President Darain Atkinson credits the success to a strong focus on World Class customer satisfaction coupled with flexibility. "The research is clear. To succeed, we know we have to make the customer our highest priority. It's our number one goal to provide excellence in customer service. And that also means giving people what they want."

And what do they want? Choices. Customers may be surprised to learn that, with a USFidelis Vehicle Service Contract, they can go to a repair shop of their choice, or that service contracts aren't just for new cars.

Convenience is a bonus, too. "One of the many reasons people love USFidelis includes the fact that all repair claims are paid directly to the repair facility," It's hassle-free. Our customers don't have to worry about submitting paperwork and waiting to be reimbursed for a claim." says Atkinson. One other feature USFidelis customers enjoy is flexibility. Customers can customize their coverage to suit their specific needs and budget. USFidelis offers several tiers of plans to choose from. Customers can talk with one of the USFidelis consultants and design a completely customized plan. The customer service technicians at USFidelis can actually review an automobile's specific needs, system by system, and then tailor a policy based upon a customer's unique individual needs.

"The most important thing, though, is that people stay with us for the long haul," says Atkinson. "We deliver what we promise, and people trust us. It's our reliability and reputation that not just attract customers, but keep them." And it shows. The company has had their best year ever: In 2008, they paid out over $18,000,000 in claims and hired more than 300 new employees. In fact, USFidelis is nationally recognized as one of the largest, most respected companies in the vehicle service contract industry. "There's no secret here," says Atkinson. "You just have to provide the best product and service at the best possible price."

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