It’s not uncommon for Dallas, Texas residents waking up to the sound of hail pounding their homes, cars and yards. According to a spokesperson at the leading local Dallas storm damaged specialist company, RainTight General Contracting, its breaks their hearts to see, hear and read about the many reports of severe storm damage throughout the community.

“Broken windows, dented gutters and damaged roofs are not uncommon, but we want to assure the local residents that we are always ready to work with them on assessing and repairing any damage they may suffer as a result,” assures the spokesperson, whose company RainTight provides a full-service general contracting operation, but specializing in fixing storm hail damage to roofs.

There is no doubt hail can cause serious damage to one’s home energy-efficiency and water proof soundness in one storm, and the folks at RainTight is advising persons not to underestimate the long term problems that can be caused from neglecting to have their roof checked after a hail storm.

“Leaks, mold, poor insulation are just a few of the issues that homeowners face from hail damage,” says the source, whose company’s motto is: “We strive to give a good measure: pressed down shaken together and running over”.

Local residents who have become accustomed to the effects of hail storms, according to the RainTight spokesperson, knows very well that these hail storms can often throw golf ball size hail. However, when persons experience hail damage to their home or place of business, the RainTight source says they should immediately call in a professional to have the damage fixed.

“Many times, insurance companies can help with the cost of the repairs, and a good repair company can help inform you of how to get the insurance company involved,” notes the RainTight spokesperson, who offers the following reasons as to why persons suffering hail storm damage to their property should call a professional:

- Lessening the damage
- Fixing leaks
- Preserving the value of your home

These, the source claims, are just some of the many more reasons you want to have a professional take a look at your roof after a hail storm.


RainTight General Contracting LLC, which specializes in total storm damage restoration, have been locally owned and operated for 20 years and know that quality work is what keeps their clients coming back every time. For further information on finding an honest Dallas contractor for fixing hail storm damage to roofs, please visit the following web page

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