Customised Air Conditioning has announced service within Perth and the surrounding area for domestic and commercial clients. With the services for air conditioning Perth residents can rely on, a cool home is possible during a hot summer’s day, or a warm space on a cold day in the middle of winter. Air conditioning is handled differently for each home and individual system and CAC are experts in installing the right system for you.

The company works to find exactly the right equipment. It can split a home into different zones to accommodate the needs of those living there, including shift workers who sleep in the daytime and when customers need to set up a room for the baby. In addition, a full range of equipment is supported and installed. The air conditioning includes advanced inverter technology to maintain temperature while saving energy.

Air conditioning equipment of choice is the Daikin Super Inverter air conditioners, which factor in the outdoor and indoor temperatures to provide the most comfort. Panasonic and Airstream equipment are used as well. Ducted systems can work in the highest temperature extremes, while the R407C refrigerant is non-combustible, has low toxicity, and is energy-saving. All components in the system are controlled centrally by a microprocessor.

The airconditioning Perth services are conducted under the highest standards of installation, performed by trained installers. Indoor units are suspended from the rafters of a house so that there is limited vibration. Sitting on an Emergency Drip Tray, the unit is designed to direct condensation to a secondary drain. The company also insulates both refrigerant pips and hangs all ductwork by strap so the airflow is maximised.

Even outdoor units are mounted on rubber pads, lessening any vibration that may occur. Outside piping is even covered to match brick or paint color, so each air conditioning system is highly efficient and visually acceptable. Different types of diffusers, such as a multidirectional outlet, sidewall register, return air grille, and linear slot diffuser can be installed depending on the needs of the home or facility.

Its this attention to detail and service that separate Customised Air Conditioning from everyone else. We have served the area for over 20 years. To learn more, visit or call us on (08) 9249 9133.