Lee NH, May 23, 2016 - Profit Tools (www.ProfitTools.net) the innovative leader in Intermodal Transportation Management System (TMS) software, shared some recent customer comments about gains in their business visibility and efficiency with Profit Tools TMS solution.

“Profit Tools enables wireless communications between the office and our drivers which allows information to be very quickly and easily disseminated, tracked and controlled,” said Michael Dougan, CFO, Dependable Highway Express. “Our business is easily 20% to 30% more efficient from an administrative standpoint and driver efficiency has improved 30% to 40%.”

“Profit Tools drastically reduces phone calls and wait times because it gives drivers and dispatchers the information they need in real-time, including the digital capability to receive and process proof of delivery documents through Android-based tablets and smart phones,” said Faris Husein, General Manager, M&J Logistics.

Profit Tools intermodal trucking software helps trucking companies become more efficient, competitive and profitable by automating their operation from orders to invoice and customer service. Profit Tools TMS software offers several Visibility Solutions that enable customers to access and deliver proactive, real-time information to their customers on everything related to a shipment, from appointment to delivery. These solutions also help trucking companies gain immediate, actionable insights on how their operation is performing including key financial metrics, asset utilization and driver activity.

Profit Tools Visibility Solutions deliver the following benefits:

* Provide easy on-demand access to real-time shipping status including information on shipments, billing reports and delivery history. Access to an online portal, helps customers know where there shipments are and when they’ve been delivered. For even more convenience, electronic signature and proof of delivery (POD) are provided immediately after delivery.
* Enable timely communication from dispatch to driver to customers through links to in-cab mobile devices providing dispatchers, customer service reps, drivers and customers’ real-time information. This improves driver and office efficiency and ensures customers have the information when they need it.
* Streamline electronic documentation and communication flows through the use of electronic data interchange (EDI) which enables trucking companies and their customers to electronically send and receive business documents or data including orders, shipment status and invoices. This bypasses the need to double enter data and meet the needs from IMCs and steamship lines for EDI compliance.
* Gain insightful business intelligence by quickly and easily analyzing operational costs, revenue and profit by customer, transactions and other financial metrics through easy-to-use online dashboards.

“With Profit Tools, trucking companies can stay ahead of their customers and deliver the information they want, before they even ask. They can also get greater insights into their business including knowing which customers are making their business grow profitably and which are not,” said Brian Widell, President and Owner of Profit Tools.

About Profit Tools, Inc.
Profit Tools, Inc. is the innovative leader in Intermodal Trucking Software Solutions. More than 300 intermodal trucking companies rely on Profit Tools Intermodal Transportation Management System (TMS) software every day to streamline operations, increase profit and gain a competitive advantage. Profit Tools TMS solution allows intermodal trucking companies to automate operations, dispatch, billing and customer service. Recently,Profit Tools was named one of the Top 10 Transportation Management Solution Providers by Logistics Tech Outlook. Profit Tools continues its success in delivering the best intermodal TMS by listening to customers and proactively developing solutions that help improve their bottom line, while delivering industry-leading customer service. For more information about Profit Tools, visit http://www.ProfitTools.net or call 603.659.3822.