Redding, CA; 15, February 2016: With their world class cleaning technologies and the best customer services, the GreenWay Carpet Cleaning in California has established itself as a popular carpet cleaning service provider in the area. The company has a long list of satisfied customers and they always appreciate their fast, affordable and spotless carpet cleaning.

Recently, the Carpet Cleaning Redding CA got wide acclaims from their customer, Vicky Jenson. The customer review is available on YouTube, in which Vicky praises GreenWay Carpet cleaners for their careful and meticulous task of cleaning carpets and making them spotless and looking like new ones. In the video, Vicky admits that she will call GreenWay again for cleaning her carpets and upholstery, when needed.

The owner of the GreenWay Carpet Cleaning, Charlie King accepts that they have been receiving such encouraging customer reviews for years. “Our customers often recommend our services to others and this is one of the important reasons of our business expansion,” he states. According to him, they employ the advanced carpet cleaning technology that ensures deep cleaning for a spotless appearance. They use less water in the cleaning, which again helps in the fast drying of carpets.

According to Charlie, their revolutionary cleaning process removes dirt and stain fast and keeps carpets healthy and hygienic. They use custom tools and machines for a perfect cleaning of carpets, to clean each corner, each pore and each of the fiber of the carpet. The cleaning solution doesn’t leave any soapy or sticky residue and the carpet gets ready for use after a couple of hours of the cleaning process. They do not use any harsh chemical for cleaning carpets and keep it safe for the people as well as the environment.

In her video review, Vicky reveals several of the positive points that can encourage others to take advantage of the carpet cleaning that GreenWay Carpet cleaners offer to their customers throughout California. One can access the video on YouTube and can learn why Vicky is happy with the GreenWay’s carpet cleaning and what message she has for others. To watch the video, one may follow the link

About GreenWay Carpet Cleaning:

Charlie King is the owner of GreenWay Carpet Cleaning who has been in the cleaning business for over a decade now. His carpet cleaning company offers technologically advanced carpet cleaning throughout the state of California. The company has a team of expert cleaners who use the latest tools and techniques to offer the best cleaning without using harsh chemicals.

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Telephone: 530-949-1736