April 11, 2013 – Odessa, FL— Custom home building is an arduous task requiring a lot of organization. Done properly, this can be an experience of a lifetime. A custom built home allows the parties involved to participate and share equally in the experience as well as the planning addressing all the different needs for all involved. A home is always a shared space that finds its way to work effectively for everyone or for no one. A custom home that is designed properly can allow all of the individual’s and personal needs to be addressed.

It is important to understand the “building envelope” of the exterior of your house will be. This is a prerequisite even prior to choosing your property lot. This is the measurement of the actual exterior dimensions of the home. Then, one should list what the so called “wish list” of things that this new home should have. When doing this, one should prioritize in order of importance, the mandatory wants down to the “could live without” items.

Mock ups or models of homes is always a good idea since there are so many samples of other projects that have been done already. There is no need to “reinvent the wheel” even though this is a custom home tailored to be unique. There are always some great ideas that one can pick and choose from i.e. kitchens, bathrooms, closets, living spaces, etc. The building contractor/designer will oftentimes have a website gallery that one can peruse and see for these ideas.

A good builder can mix and match any combination of ideas together that have been given to them. When meeting with the builder, it is probably a good idea to meet at the location or proposed property site where the custom home is to be built. There, important features such as the frontage, view, prospective pool or dockage locations, can be envisioned and expressed in the planning.

Once there has been concrete discussions about the home, specifications need to be reviewed that have been drafted by the builder and signed off by the parties. Milestone dates need to be established and reviewed at certain schedule points to ensure that the project is on schedule and any work that is done, is to the parties’ satisfaction. This includes the satisfaction of the custom home designer/contractor as well as the home owner. A good builder is an artist in many ways and must also be happy with their craft.

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