Embroidered Dog Collars are selling customized pet collars with free embroidery and delivery across the US.

LISLE, IL, USA (APRIL 21, 2016): Embroidered Dog Collars introduces pet collars for dogs and pets, with custom embroidered designs or labels, so that the pets are never again lost because of lack of collar. Every year hundreds of pets lose their way, and never get back to home, and owners lose their beloved pets. The company has brought a permanent solution to the problem, with the introduction of their embroidered animal collars.

They provide collars for the two most common pets, which are cats and digs. They provide personalized collars of various types, and the embroidery is done free of cost, and delivery to the client is also free. The design can be chosen from their offered set of designs, where one can order fancy dog collars or fancy cat collars, which are not common in the market. Besides, just fancy designs, they provide personalized dog collars, where one can choose the writing to be embroidered on the dog or cat collars, and may also choose the thread color for the embroidery.

More personalization options come through the choice of buckles. They have metal clips, and plastic clips, and also metal buckles. The buckle collars are mainly for the dogs. There are nylon collars for cats, which comes with safety quick release clips, and also comes with bells for easy identification of movements. The designer pet collars come with or without embroidery. Embroidery is just an option given by them which is offered as a free service. They sell custom animal collars both within the United States, and outside. Delivery within the US is free, and for outer country deliveries, they charge a flat rate of $6.5.

To help customers with picking of the collar size, they suggest measuring the neck circumference of the pet with a cloth tape, and then uploading the size onto the website in inches. Orders are accepted online, and more details can be checked at the website at http://www.embroidered-dogcollars.com/

About Embroidered Dog Collars:
The company is selling pet collars with personalization. Their motto is to sell embroidered collar for pets which is an added free service, so that pets do not get lost. They are offering free embroideries at chosen thread colors by the clients.

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