01, December 2016: Sometimes it can be difficult to find something truly unique to buy for your friends and family at Christmas. But that problem may be about to come to an end, thanks to Likenessme.

The company makes "bobbleheads." Bobbleheads are essentially small figurines made from a type of polymer clay. But there’s a twist. Likenessme’s bobbleheads aren’t just generic toys. Each bobblehead is made in the likeness of a real person.

The concept is rather simple, really. Customers upload their photographs through the company’s website. Then the artists at the Likenessme begin work on making a bobblehead in the customer’s image.

You don’t have to get the bobblehead made in your own likeness, of course. You can have a bobblehead made using photographs of a friend or family member too.

Likeness Me Does Everything By Hand

Likenessme claims to be a bobblehead company with a difference. Unlike most companies, all of their models are 100 percent hand made. The company says that it never uses premade mould and paint. Instead, they rely on their artists to faithfully recreate bobbleheads using the photographs they receive. It’s a time-consuming process, and one in which the company takes a lot of pride.

Likenessme also steers well clear of resin plastic that some companies use. Resin plastic is a lot cheaper than polymer clay, but it’s also more generic. Most resin plastic models rely on machines, rather than human hands. Therefore, they’re less likely to be unique. Polymer clay, on the contrary, is worked on by hand exclusively. This means that every doll produced using this method is unique.

Bobbleheads - A Unique Idea For Christmas

There are many different varieties of bobbleheads on offer for all the different people in your life. You can get judge bobbleheads, business bobbleheads, even golf bobbleheads. There are hundreds of different types of bobbleheads to choose from.

You also get the option to choose a bobblehead by theme. There are "couples" bobbleheads for newly weds, vehicle bobbleheads for petrolheads, and family bobbleheads for parents. There’s also an option for a “head-to-toe custom” bobblehead if you want something really specific.

What Customers Say

If you go on Likenessme’s website, you’ll find dozens of customers who have left feedback. Many customers have sent the company pictures of themselves besides their bobbleheads.

One woman wrote in and said “my husband absolutely loves his bobblehead. He says it’s the best gift he’s ever received.” Another customer remarked,“worth every penny. The bobblehead you created for my son was simply wonderful.” According to the company’s 642 reviews as of writing this article, 96 percent recommend the service.

Ordering Your Bobblehead

Ordering your bobblehead isn’t an entirely straightforward process. You’ll have to upload front, side and back photos of the person you intend to be made manifest in the form of a bobblehead. You’ll also have to choose hair color, eye color, clothing and doll size from the website’s order menu. Once you’re finished, you can save your changes or check out. Go to the company’s website for more information.

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